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Ritual offers amazing Texas cuisine that is all supplied by local and Texas farmers.  Everything is fresh and absolutely delicious.  Certainly a meat eater’s paradise with noticeable items such as the beef brisket burger and steaks from the Butcher Room.



My visit was on a Friday afternoon and the place was fairly empty.  The restaurant was quite big with plenty of tables that could accommodate my chair.  The aesthetics were quite interesting with an actual butcher room and wine racks on the second floor.  This gave the restaurant a nice upscale feel not typical of Southern and Texas cuisine establishments.

To start, I ordered the sourdough hushpuppies as an appetizer.  These were quite different but very good.  This version was battered in jalapeno jelly and sourdough starter was used to help create these delicious hushpuppies.

Sourdough Hush Puppies with Jalapeno Jelly
Sourdough Hush Puppies

The next item was the ritual burger that I ordered for my entree.  This burger was incredible and quite tasty with smoked beef brisket topped with bleu fondue.  Also, the burger was quite juicy and the quality of the meat was superb.  Personally, I would say this is probably the best burger in all of Houston and maybe even in Texas.  Fries are quite excellent as well.

Smoked Beef Brisket with Bleu Fondue.
Ritual Burger with Smoked Beef Brisket and Bleu Fondue.

Last but not least, I ordered the warm apple pie for dessert.

Apple pie with Salted Caramel and Vanilla Gelato
Warm Apple Pie.

This apple pie was quite excellent with buttermilk custard and salted caramel with vanilla gelato on the side.  The pie was very sweet, but not too rich.  The salted caramel addition was a nice touch that made this pie to die for.  Definitely, a can’t miss item to satisfy your sweet tooth desires.



Ritual Inside.

The overall accessibility of the restaurant was fairly excellent with no major issues that would impact dining here.  There were a few accessible parking spots with easy access to the front door.  There is a small ramp to the front door, but nothing to worry about.  One issue was the doors were a little heavy and could be a problem for some people.

Inside of the restaurant was perfect with plenty of tables to accommodate wheelchairs.  Also, the tables were perfectly separated from one another, which was a great help.  The bathrooms were a little small but manageable with manual wheelchairs.

Overall, Ritual offers delicious Texas cuisine with an upscale twist that is quite unique.  The accessibility is highly exemplary and very accommodating.  This is truly is a great place for any occasion and one of Houston’s finest restaurants.

Accessibility Rating: A-
Food Rating: A+

Address: 1729, 602 Studewood St, Houston, TX 77007
Phone: (832) 203-5180
Website: http://www.ritualhouston.com/

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Ritual Review
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