Chicken Tikka Masala

If you desire authentic and upscale Indian cuisine with a relaxing atmosphere, then Ashiana is your place.

This Indian restaurant off the main beat in the Energy Corridor offers exceptional and high-quality food. Excellent entrees are the butter chicken or chicken tikka masala. Also, the specialty naan bread particularly the stuffed garlic naan are great compliments to any main entree.


My trip came on a Sunday evening at the 5:30 opening with no other parties present. It was quite relaxing to be the only table in the restaurant but also felt eerie, unfortunately. Nevertheless, I selected a table in the front of the restaurant, out of the way of other tables. Most tables can accommodate a wheelchair. The service was adequate and I encountered no screwups and food was highly exceptional.


To begin my meal, I went with the aloo samosas and chaat platter as starters. Both items are considered to be street food in India. The samosas which are basically a fried pastry comes stuffed with potatoes and chickpeas. This particular version was very flavorful and had a lot of spice to them.

Aloo Samosas
Aloo Samosas. Comes with Potatoes and Chickpeas.

The other appetizer the chaat platter was quite different and had an abundance of unknown delicacies. Despite not knowing what everything was, the platter was delightful and rich in spices. Also, the dish had a slight spiciness to them.

Chaat Platter
Chaat Platter.

Be aware most Indian dishes are made with chickpeas and cilantro.

Next, I ordered the chicken tikka masala as my entree. This is my usual go-to item for Indian and this dish can vary depending on the restaurant. Consequently, Ashiana’s version was exceptional and had a great curry sauce with a slightly spicy kick. Moreover, the chicken pieces were very fresh and cooked just right with incredible Indian spices.

Chicken Tikka Masala
Chicken Tikka Masala

Notably, all tandoori dishes come with naan bread. This buttered Indian bread is inarguably better with garlic. No matter the entree, Ashiana gives a lot of food and its all worth the calories.


Overall accessibility was exceptional with one caveat with regard to the bathrooms. The bathrooms aren’t very accessible and even manual chair users may have some difficulty. Despite this problem, Ashiana receives top marks for accessible parking and easy access.

  • Accessible parking available
  • Easy access inside the restaurant
  • No steps
  • Waiter service
  • No accessible bathroom

With excellent Indian food and exceptional accessibility, Ashiana should be your next stop for exquisite Indian cuisine. This is truly a great alternative to the more expensive places like Kiran’s and Indika of the worlds.

Accessibility: A-
Food: A+

Price: $$
Address: 12610 Briar Forest Dr, Houston, TX 77077
Phone:  (281) 679-5555

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Ashiana Review
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