Hugo’s is Houston’s premier Mexican restaurant and offers amazing food that cannot be beaten.  Every item on the menu is high quality and very authentic.  Don’t forget to order the fish tamales or the carne brava both are incredible dishes.

My Experience

I came on a late Sunday evening after the brunch ended, they weren’t many people and plenty of space.  The restaurant is quite big so you shouldn’t have a problem outside the brunch or peak hours.  It is highly recommended to make reservations if you plan to eat during dinner hours.

To start my meal, I ordered the fish tamales and lechon for appetizers.  The fish tamales included a mild fish wrapped in an actual banana leaf and a mild tomato-based sauce on the side.  The tamales were amazing and extremely tasty.  Now for the suckling pig or lechon, this was quite good and came with a spicy habanero sauce and corn tortillas.

Fish Tamales
Fish Tamales and Suckling Pig.

Lastly, for my entree, I ordered the carne brava, a wood-grilled steak that was richly seasoned and came with guacamole, refried beans, and tortillas.  This was tremendous and the steak was perfectly cooked with a nice blend of Mexican spices.  I was impressed and would definitely order this again.

Wood-Grilled Steak
Carne Brava.

Also, I ordered the papas confitadas or Yukon Gold potatoes as a side.  These were not ordinary potatoes and were cooked in duck fat and came with Mexican crema on the side.  Despite being cooked in duck fat these potatoes were incredible.

Yukon Gold Potatoes
Papas Confitadas.



Inside Seating
Inside Seating.

The accessibility of Hugo’s was top notched with no major problems.  Parking was quite easy with a few accessible spots at the front.  Inside the restaurant, most tables can accommodate most chairs with easy access. The bathrooms were a little small but manageable for manual chairs.  Lastly, the service was quite excellent and the staff was fairly accommodating.

To conclude, with excellent accessibility along with incredible food, Hugo’s truly is the best Mexican restaurant in all of Houston.


Accessibility Rating: A+
Food Rating: A+


Address: 1600 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77006
Phone: (713) 524-7744
Website: https://www.hugosrestaurant.net/

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Hugo’s Review
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