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I’m going to do something a little different from my usual reviews.  I am posting a review of a mobility product that I ordered.  The product was a grabber reacher aid that helps those with mobility issues reach items that are too hard to grab.


Grabber Reacher Aid
RMS Grabber Reacher

This reason why I ordered this item was to reduce dependence on others to pick up stuff that I either drop or unable to reach.  When I first tried the aid, I was quite relieved how easy the grip was.  It was also very lightweight compared to other aids out there.

The items that I tried to grab included clothes, keys, and even toilet paper.  Every item was easy to pick up with no difficulty.  Also, the 32″ inch grabber is the perfect length for chair users to reach items in overhead cabinets.

Design of the product is quite good and seems sturdy enough to handle everyday use.  Also, the price is quite reasonable at $17.

Overall, the grabber reacher was a nice affordable aid that provides independence for those with mobility issues reach items they wouldn’t otherwise get.  This truly was a lifesaver for me and I hope this will be a benefit for others.


You can order the RMS Grabber Reacher on the RMS website or on Amazon, which I used.

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RMS (Royal Medical Solutions) 32″ inch Grabber Review
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