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Thai Siam Entrance

Thai Siam is Sugar Land’s best Thai restaurant and the service is always superb.  It is a small restaurant, but the employees are always friendly and willing to provide assistance if needed.

Massanum Curry
Massanum Curry.

The food is quite exceptional and not too pricey.  Thai Siam is known for their excellent curries, particularly their coconut curries, and pad thai. Personally, I recommend ordering the delicious Massanum Curry,  which includes coconut milk, potatoes, onions, and peanuts. Also, the appetizers are outstanding including the Crab Meat Cheese Rolls (stuffed with cream cheese and crab) and Crispy Rolls (deep fried roll stuffed with cabbage, carrots, and crystal noodles).

Crab Rolls and Crispy Rolls
Crab Meat Cheese Rolls and Crispy Rolls.

The restaurant is quite small, but I found that the overall restaurant was quite accessible, except for their bathrooms. Entrance into the restaurant was not too bad and the employees are always courteous and helpful. I like the fact that they will hold the door open for me because the door is quite heavy for most people. The space between tables is a little close, but they have several easy access tables that provide enough space to easily navigate the restaurant.

Overall, Thai Siam provides excellent food and service that surpasses other local Thai establishments. Accessibility is quite good, but power chair users may have some difficulty during peak dining hours. This is another can’t miss restaurant in the Sugar Land area and will not disappoint.

Accessible Rating: A-

Food Rating: A+

Address: 11581 S Texas 6, Sugar Land, TX 77498
Phone: (281) 277-2001
Website: Thai Siam

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Thai Siam
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