Surviveware Large Wet Wipes

These Surviveware wet wipes may be excellent for camping and the outdoors, but they do an amazing job as a bathing alternative. On top of that, the wipes are unscented and large enough to clean your entire body.


When I ordered the Surviveware wet wipes I had little to no expectations due to the excellent price. This product had great reviews on Amazon and disability blogs as well. I ended up ordering one pack that came with 32 large wet wipes. Nevertheless, the wipes are alcohol-free and are fairly gentle on the skin since the wipes are fragrance-free and are made with aloe vera. This means you can use the wipes anywhere including private areas. Personally this is a huge plus for me because I tend to break out if products are super drying on my skin. Plus it isn’t particularly fun dealing with itchy skin. Lastly, the wipes are quite refreshing and do an excellent job blocking out most unfortunate odors.

Back of Surviveware Packaging

I’m quite happy with my buy and with the affordable price of $10 are a great bargain and are high quality as well. I will certainly buy these wipes again.

Product Rating: A+

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Surviveware Large Wipes
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