If you’re in the mood for a relaxing Japanese barbecue experience then look no further than Gyu Kaku. What makes Japanese barbecue unique is you cook all your food in a really hot stove at your table. There is quite a big selection from steaks to seafood and excellent appetizers. If this is your first time go with the meal courses that serve 2 to 3 people. It’s a great deal that allows you to try a nice selection of popular dishes.


My visit came on a Friday night with the restaurant starting to fill up with Sugar Land locals. I was fortunate to get a table at the front without having to maneuver around other tables. This was my first time at a Japanese barbecue place and wasn’t sure what to expect with regard to the quality of the meat or sanitary standards. I have been to Mongolian barbecue places before but hated the buffet of meats sitting out. Luckily with Japanese BBQ waiters bring out the meats rather than customers pick out the meats. Also, they will tell you how long to cook your meats and will change out the hot stove tray throughout your meal. At Gyu Kaku, the restaurant felt very clean and followed excellent sanitary standards.

With regards to the food I ordered, I went with the meal course for 2 people and with a party of three, I felt there was quite enough food for all of us. I ended up ordering the Japanese fried chicken as an add-on and I quite enjoyed this appetizer. It had a slight spice to the chicken and the mustard sauce was phenomenal. This was certainly one of their best starters and does come with some of the meal courses.

Japanese Fried Chicken appetizer.
Japanese Fried Chicken.

The meats that came with the course included chicken breast, shrimp, steak, and beef ribs. These options can vary depending on the selection chosen, but they all offer a great variety regardless. I would say all the meats I tried were quite excellent and came with a unique spice to compliment the particular dish. Personally, I felt the meats were high quality and the portions weren’t too stingy to boot.


The overall accessibility for Gyu Kaku was quite good with some minor issues that aren’t earth shattering but something to be aware of. One concern was the tables require some maneuvering so you’re not eating over your chair and making a huge mess. Then the other issue is the bathrooms are quite small for even manual chairs and might be problematic for many. Outside of these issues, I would say the restaurant was quite good for chair users and was a pleasant place to eat for any occasion.

  • Easy access
  • No steps
  • Accessible parking in the front and some spots in the parking garage
  • Elevator available for the parking garage
  • Small bathroom, may be problematic for many
  • Tables require some minor maneuvering, could be uncomfortable for some people

The concept may not be everyone’s favorite cup of tea, but it was definitely a nice change of pace with regard to Japanese restaurants. Certainly, a nice addition to the Sugar Land restaurant scene.

Accessibility: B+
Food: A+

Address: 1531 Highway 6 South #130, Sugar Land, TX 77478
Phone: (832) 886-4329

Price: $$$

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Gyu Kaku Japanese BBQ Review
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