Voxx Stasis
Voxx Stasis.

Voxx HPT (Human Performance Technology) by VoxxLife looks like an ordinary sock, but its much more than that. They offer two versions: athletic and wellness. Nevertheless, this specialty sock helps relieve foot pain and increasing range of motion. In addition, the socks offer arch support and improve circulation much like a compression sock.


Before I talk about the socks, I like to mention that I bought my pair at the Houston Ability Expo. The vendor that sold the VoxxLife Stasis socks was Socks4Balance, an American supplier by Marc and Janet Bernstein. Marc was very helpful and was nice enough to allow me to test out the socks around the expo. The socks may be a little pricey for most people, but even wearing them for 30 minutes allowed me to realize the excellent arch support made the 35 dollar price tag worth it.

Voxx Stasis is a specialty sock that provides several benefits including stability control, arch support, pain relief, and circulation. Their ultimate purpose is to maximize overall wellness regardless of any underlying condition. In my case, I was looking for a sock that provided arch support and loosens up my foot muscles when they get tight. After my test run and wearing them at home, I can accurately say they satisfy both my needs. In addition, the socks are well made and high quality. I believe they are made in the US.

Nevertheless, the socks were a worthy investment that allowed me to improve my overall wellbeing without spending hundreds of dollars finding a specialty shoe that might not be that beneficial. I can’t recommend them highly enough and will definitely order from them again.

Product Rating: A+

Phone: (858) 922-9781

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VoxxLife Stasis Sock Review
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