If your familiar with Indian or Pakistani cuisine and want an authentic experience than you will certainly enjoy Himalaya. With unique house specialties such as the exceptional Indian spiced fried chicken and a variety of different masalas, you will not be shocked why this restaurant is world famous.


My experience started off very disappointing with no cutaway for my accessible parking spot. I ended up requiring assistance to get onto the pavement and then into the restaurant. Eventually, I found out there is one cutaway in the entire shopping area that is a little ways from the restaurant. I understand that a leasing company owns the Hillcroft shopping center and not the restaurant. I will not blame the restaurant for the parking being inaccessible but want to warn people to beware of this dilemma.

Barring this major issue, I would say the restaurant had amazing food and on the wall had many awards from magazines, food critics, and newspapers. I’m certainly glad I didn’t give up after seeing the parking situation.

With regard to the food ordered, I started out with the samosas and Aloo tikki. Samosas are an Indian dish that is fried and stuffed with onions, spiced potatoes, and peas. The samosas I ordered were exceptional and a great appetizer for people starting out with Indian food. Aloo tikki is a breaded pastry stuffed with curry, peas, and potatoes. This was my first time trying this dish and found this freaking delicious with all the spices involved.

Breaded pastry with potatoes, curry, peas
Aloo tikki.

Now for the main entree, I ordered the Himalaya fried chicken, a huge whole chicken. The fried chicken is prepared Southern style, but seasoned with complex Indian spices that is mouth-watering. The chicken is a little spicy but not too overpowering. This is certainly an item I would order again and can’t recommend this enough.

Indian Spiced Fried Chicken
Himalaya Fried Chicken.


No cutaway for accessible parking.

As a mentioned earlier Himalaya has excellent food, but with a major caveat that will greatly impact people with disabilities. Unfortunately, many people in wheelchairs won’t be able to dine here due to the unsatisfactory parking situation and being a small restaurant.

Accessible parking.
  • No accessible bathroom.
  • One cutaway for the entire shopping center.
  • One accessible parking spot has no cutaway.
  • Access is quite limited.

Overall Himalaya Restaurant is a Houston gem with extraordinary food, but with subpar accessibility, many wheelchair users will have a very difficult time without assistance. For those who are able to make this restaurant work, then you will be in for a nice treat.

Accessibility Rating: D

Food Rating: A+

Address: 6652 Southwest Fwy, Houston, TX 77074
Phone: (713) 532-2837

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Himalaya Restaurant
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