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Whole Foods Entrance
Front Entrance

If you love organic and natural foods then most likely you been to a Whole Foods once in your life.  They might not have everything or be cheaper compared to HEB or Kroger, but you will be satisfied with their food quality.  The items I find the most exemplary are their meats, particularly their burgers that are always excellent.

My Experience

My visit was quite pleasant and I had no problem finding items and I did not have to deal with a crowd.  I went around 11:30 AM on a Friday, probably the best time to go outside of going towards closing on a weekday.

Points of interest that should be stressed is they have several eating options from a coffee shop to a deli shop to even a sushi counter.  The prices are a little more expensive, but the convenience for a quick meal is worth it.  Also, I noticed they have a bar inside the grocery store that I heard is quite nice.

My basket

This particular visit, I ended up picking up a few food items.  I ended up getting reduced calorie popcorn, bread, and burgers.  They were all quite excellent and you can never go wrong with their specialty bread and meats.  The bread I ordered was seduction, this is basically whole wheat bread with great stuff like sesame, pumpkin seeds, and poppy seeds.  The meat items that I ordered was a cowboy burger, this is a burger that is quite spicy and packed with jalapeno cheese, and gourmet burger, this is a burger with a nice mix of spices that are quite tasty.


The overall accessibility of the grocery store was quite superb and I loved that the front entrance had automatic doors.  Maneuvering the store wasn’t too bad and I no problem ordering bread or meat.  There was not much problem checking out and there was even an accessible lane for a lower credit card reader.

There was not much problem checking out and there was even an accessible lane for a lower credit card reader.

The bathroom was a little small, but most chair users could make it work with little difficulty.

Overall, Whole Foods is an excellent place to buy organic and all natural products and they are remarkably accessible for wheelchair users.

Accessibility Rating: A+
Grocery Rating: A

Address: 15900 Southwest Fwy, Sugar Land, TX 77478
Phone: (281) 491-5577
Website: Whole Foods

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Whole Foods Review
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