Hip restaurant in the center of the Houston’s Museum District.

Monarch is located in the extravagant Hotel Zaza and walking distance to the Fine Arts Museum. What makes this fine dining restaurant special is the old-time charm to compliment the New-American cuisine. Notable items are the lobster rolls, chicken wrap, and the delicious crab cakes.


My visit came on a busy Mother’s Day brunch and before my trip to the Fine Arts Museum to see the Vincent Van Gogh exhibit. Despite being crowded, I was able to get a table outside on their covered patio. There were a few tables that could accommodate a wheelchair but could feel quite cram during busy times.

Since Monarch offers fine dining you will notice the laid back atmosphere and the extravagant aesthetics gives off a unique charm that is hard to beat. Prices are quite expensive even for sandwiches, but the food quality is superb with exceptional ingredients.


Now to the most important part of my visit, the food. With it being Mothers Day, my mother ordered the Gulf Coast Crab Cake for the table as a starter. This particular crab cake was quite excellent, albeit not the best in Houston, but certainly in the top 5. Nevertheless, the crab cake with caper-egg-pickle mayonnaise and onion salad was delightful and very flavorful. Definitely, a great choice as a starter to warm up your taste palette.

Monarch's Lobster Roll
Lobster Roll on a Buttered Roll and Volcanic Salt Fries.

Lastly, I order the lobster roll as my entree rather than the Hot Chick Wrap, another excellent option. Nonetheless, the lobster roll on a buttered roll and complimented with mayo and salted butter on the side was fantastic. This mouth-watering roll was immensely tasty and certainly Monarch’s best option. Also, the lobster roll came with french fries which is salted with volcanic salt. These fries were outstanding and shockingly not too salty.


Source: Zomato

With regards to accessibility, Monarch receives excellent marks. Despite being built in the 1920s, the Hotel Zaza made quite a few modifications over the years. Most important was adding a wheelchair lift that reaches the second floor where the main lobby is located. The restaurant is not too far from the lobby. Also, the bathrooms are accessible as well. Unfortunately, the hotel has no accessible parking but does offer all-day valet parking. This was the only negative issue that I encountered at Hotel Zaza.

  • Small elevator lift is available to the main level
  • Steps are present, but accessible paths are available
  • Accessible bathrooms
  • Offers only valet parking
  • Often crowded on the weekends

No matter the occasional minor hiccup at Monarch and Hotel Zaza, the exceptional food and pleasant atmosphere surely make up for it. The high prices will be discouraging for most people, but the overall experience will be well worth the cost.

Accessibility: A-
Food: A+

Price: $$$
Address: 5701 Main St, Houston, TX 77005
Phone: (713) 527-1800

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Monarch Review
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