Different Types of Maki Rolls at Tobiuo
Maki Sushi Rolls with Snow Crab, Super Shaggy, and Shrimp Tempura.

Tobiuo is a charming Japanese restaurant in Katy’s LaCenterra at Cinco Ranch that offers amazing sushi delicacies and excellent service. On Sundays, they offer happy hour specials all day that provides a great bargain for sushi connoisseurs.


My visit came on a hot summer day afternoon on their all-day social hour Sunday special. The place was quite empty and had a lot of tables to choose from. With plenty of space to move around, I chose the half booth/half chair table. Since most of the tables are nearly identical, they can accommodate most chairs.

With regards to the service, the service was remarkably good and the waitress was fairly knowledgable about the various sushi rolls they serve.

I started the evening off with Casteggio Moscato wine, a sweet Italian wine. I’m not a big wine drinker, but this was the perfect drink for me. The wine isn’t too overly sweet like most dessert wines and a great selection with any dinner or sushi splurge.

Appetizer and Sushi Rolls

The first order of my dinner was the edamame appetizer, which is basically salted soybeans. You can also get them spicy, but I stuck with the regular version. The Tobiuo version was pretty good and was perfectly salted to give the soybeans some flavor.

Edamame at Tobiuo
Edamame (Salted Soybeans)

Then I ordered three maki sushi rolls to share with my party. The first one was the snow crab roll that comes with snow crab mix, white sesame, avocado, and Japanese aioli. Snow crab is quite common in most sushi restaurants, but Tobiuo blows them all away with freshness and tastiness. This roll was very flavorful with a unique twist that gives the roll a small kick of spiciness that can’t be matched.

Different Types of Maki Rolls at Tobiuo
Maki Sushi Rolls with Snow Crab, Super Shaggy, and Shrimp Tempura.

Then came the shrimp tempura roll, this concoction comes with lightly fried shrimp, avocado, wasabi aioli, kaiware (radish), and cucumber. This roll was highly exceptional and also very tasty. Like the previous roll, their version had a nice spicy element. With the wasabi aioli, the roll was a little spicier, but not too much to handle. Definitely, a great choice for sushi lovers.

Lastly, we ordered the super shaggy roll and this specialty comes with shrimp tempura, serrano pepper, Korean spiced aioli, and unagi sauce (sweetened soy sauce). If you like spicy food, this maki roll will be very satisfying for you. Despite being quite spicy, this roll was incredible and was very flavorful with the various spicy elements mixed in. This is certainly one of their finest sushi offerings along with other great options.


Then, I decided to order an entree since I happened to still be hungry. I went with the diced shrimp tempura, which is usually an appetizer. These small fried shrimp are almost like popcorn shrimp. They were amazing and had a nice seasoning to them with Japanese chili powder. They weren’t very spicy, but they gave the tempura a special tastiness that is hard to beat. Moreover, the shrimp came with a nice chili aioli sauce on the side that was a great compliment as well.


With regards to the accessibility, Tobiuo receives top marks for remarkable accessibility. A notable feature of the restaurant is there is a lot of space between tables and plenty of room for most chairs. Out of hundreds of restaurants in Houston, this may be the most spacious of any establishment that I have reviewed. In addition to easy access, they have spacious bathrooms that can accommodate all chairs. Lastly, there are quite a few accessible parking spots nearby.

  • Easy access inside and outside the restaurant
  • Accessible parking available nearby
  • Accessible and spacious bathrooms
  • Spacious restaurant with plenty of space for most chairs
  • No steps present
  • Waiter service

Conclusively, Tobiuo with exceptional accessibility and exquisite food will certainly impress sushi connoisseurs. No matter the occasion, your next sushi outing should be Tobiuo.

Accessibility: A+
Food/Service: A+

Price: $$-$$$
Address: 23501 Cinco Ranch Blvd Suite H130, Katy, TX 77494
Phone: (281) 394-7156

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Tobiuo Sushi & Bar Review
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