Burton, TX (Outside Brenham)

Brenham, TX is about 75 miles northwest of Houston and is home to several great wineries.  Of the wineries, Saddlehorn Winery is the area’s best and newest winery.  They are known for their Red and Black Spanish wines.  Staff is very friendly and the wine tasting area is quite spacious.  Also, they sell a nice cheese tray that compliments the wines well and something that Pleasant Hill doesn’t offer.

My Experience

Wine Tasting.
Wine Tasting.

My visit was on a Sunday afternoon around 1 and the winery was not too busy.  The place was very spacious and even had a little gift shop that was quite nice.  The staff was very friendly and quite knowledgeable about the wines.

The wine tasting experience was quite pleasant and you’re able to pick six wines from Red to White wines.  Of the six wines I selected, Happy Trails, Muscat Blanc, and First Rodeo, a Sweet Red, were my favorite.

I ended up getting a cheese tray because, by the third wine, I started feeling it.  The cheese tray was very good and included Jack cheese, salami, and cheddar cheese.

After I finished all the six tastings, I bought The Happy Trails, a semi-sweet White wine with a trace of peach.  The bottle was about $17, a good bargain for quality wine.

Happy Trails
Happy Trails


The overall accessibility of Saddlehorn was quite excellent and put Pleasant Hill Winery to shame.  The ramp is much easier to maneuver and there is plenty of space inside for wheelchair users.

The bathrooms are very spacious and the only problem I found was the sink was too high for most wheelchair users.

Overall, Saddlehorn is the best winery in the Brenham area and one of the most accessible establishments.  Definitely, a can’t miss place to visit and you will not be disappointed.

Accessibility Rating: A-
Winery Rating: A+

Address: 958 Farm to Market Road 1948 N, Burton, TX 77835
Phone: (979) 289-3858
Website: Saddlehorn Winery

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Saddlehorn Winery Review
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