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Greek food is a personal favorite of mine and I have been wanting to try a higher end Greek restaurant that wasn’t like fast casual places like Niko Niko’s.  I wanted a hip place that provided a unique twist to authentic Greek food.  The place that fits that particular mold was Helen’s.  They received rave reviews and was considered to be Houston Chronicle 2016’s top 15 restaurants.

My Experience

I came during late afternoon around 3:30 and I had no problem finding a table and I didn’t have to wait long to be served.

To start, I ended up ordering an appetizer that came with pita slices and 3 special sauces, one being an olive oil dip and the others being a surprise but wasn’t anything bizarre, fortunately.  The dips were probably the best part of my entire meal and I particularly loved the olive oil dip.

Chef Selection of Dips

I ended up ordering a pork gyro that was so-so and seemed a little underwhelming for the type of restaurant.  The gyro came with red onions, tzatziki sauce on a big pita.  They also come with oregano fries, which were quite good and better than the gyro, unfortunately.

For dessert, I ordered the Greek doughnuts, which came with fennel sugar and greek yogurt.  They were really good and tasted like a funnel doughnut cake.



The restaurant was mediocre with regard to accessibility and was quite small for a wheelchair to maneuver.  During peak hours, the restaurant would be impossible for wheelchairs because there weren’t many tables that could accommodate a chair.  Also, the shopping center was very difficult to maneuver since the cutaways and walking paths were quite unsatisfactory for wheelchair users.  Many people will have a hard time due to uneven walkways that are in a great need for repair.

Overall, Helen’s food is average for the price, but the disappointing accessibility is too hard to overlook and for those in wheelchairs this place is not worth the aggravation.

Accessibility Rating: C-
Food Rating: B-

Address: 2429 Rice BLVD, Houston, TX 77005
Phone: (832) 831-7133
Website: Helen Greek

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Helen Greek Food and Wine Review
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