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The State of Grace offers southern cuisine with an upscale and original twist.  The sandwiches are incredible with notable items such as the fish sandwich and the hot chicken sandwich that comes with a vanilla “frostie”.  Also, the Sunday supper is worth checking out with southern classics of chicken fried steak and fried chicken.


I came on a Friday afternoon for lunch and the restaurant was not too crowded.  My table was part of a table/booth, I had no trouble with my wheelchair, fortunately.  The restaurant atmosphere is quite relaxing and nice place for a drink.

The food I ordered for an appetizer and my meal were incredible.  I will start with the sugar covered hush-puppies with crawfish inside.

Powdered Hushpuppy stuffed with crayfish.
Hushpuppy stuffed with crayfish.

This was amazing and I loved how the hush puppies were sugared much like a funnel cake.  An item that you can’t go wrong with and is offered for lunch or dinner.

Now, the entree I ordered was the fish sandwich and this was quite amazing. It was a codfish that was fried just right and was supplemented by a nice tartar sauce.  Definitely, a top choice to order for the lunch hour.

Fish Sandwich with fries.
Fish Sandwich.


The overall accessibility of the restaurant was quite superb with easy access to accessible parking spots.  This was a nice change considering parking and sidewalks in Houston around Kirby and Royal Oaks are particularly problematic areas for those in wheelchairs.

Inside of the restaurant was a tad small but very doable for most wheelchairs.  The only issue would be during peak dinner hours.  Bathrooms were small, but doable for most manual wheelchairs.

Inside seating.
Inside seating.
  • Easy access 
  • Accessible parking available 
  • Parking has a ramp to the entrance
  • Bathrooms are partially accessible 
  • No steps present

Overall, State of Grace provides excellent upscale southern cuisine that is a can’t miss an opportunity for any occasion.  The accessibility is top notch and the service is exemplary as well.  I can guarantee you this place is well worth the price and you will not be disappointed.

Accessibility Rating: A
Food Rating: A+

Price: $$$
Address: 3258 Westheimer Road, Houston, TX 77098
Phone: 832-942-5080

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State of Grace Review
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