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La Madeleine is known for their great French food from potato galettes to great salads and sandwiches.  They are setup like a cafeteria where you get a tray for your food, but they food is better than most sit down restaurants.  Beware the setup will be problematic for those who use power chairs.

My Experience

The parking to start was very problematic with a few accessible spots that were already taken.  I ended up parking near Smashburger that was across the parking lot.  Then there were only a few tables that could accommodate a wheelchair and it was quite crowded.  I had a difficult time maneuvering around people and I bet power chairs would have even more of a challenge.

Fortunately, the food was still superb and delicious since my last visit.

Potato Galette
Potato Galette

I ended up ordering the potato galette to start my meal and the caesar salad sandwich that comes with Swiss cheese.  It was quite excellent and the salt and pepper chips were surprisingly good.

Caesar Salad Sandwich
Caesar Salad Sandwich.


The accessibility for this location was less than stellar and would be place to avoid if their food was mediocre.  The order area will be problematic for majority of chair users and maneuverability will be nearly impossible during peak hours.  My advice is to go with a friend or family member and have them order for you rather than trying to maneuver around people and  try to squeeze through the food line.

Bathrooms were too small for most people and those in chairs will have a difficult time maneuvering.

Overall, La Madeleine is a nice and relaxing place for a meal despite the less than satisfactory accessibility.  If you have the assistance don’t hesitate to give this place a chance, you won’t be disappointed.

Accessibility Rating: C
Food Rating: A 

Address: 2675 Town Center Blvd N, Sugar Land, TX 77479
Phone: (281) 494-4400
Website: La Madeleine

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La Madeleine Review
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