Gullfoss Waterfall

Traveling can be quite stressful and painful at times depending on your destination, airline, or transportation used. However, much of the aches of traveling can be avoided by planning your trips in advanced and doing excellent research on the overall accessibility of your destination.

  • Planning ahead is a must to ensure things that we can control go as smooth as possible.
  • Be prepared for screw ups on your journey, with the majority of it being airlines miscommunication or hotels giving you’re a non-accessible room, etc. The airline assistance service is very important, but not a miracle worker.
  • Go through accessible tour services if you visit a major tourist destination or country with rugged territory like Iceland. In destinations like Iceland, I recommend tour company Iceland Unlimited. This is an exceptional tour company that goes above and beyond to accommodate people with disabilities.
  • Look into buying travel insurance to protect yourself from an unforeseen emergency or trip cancellation. This allows you to get most of your trip reimbursed and not lose all your money. Make sure to use a reputable insurance company and read consumer reports of these companies. One reputable insurance company is Allianz Travel Insurance with the Allianz Global Assistance policy.
  • Look for hotels that include free breakfast to reduce food expenditures for your trip and look for hotels centrally located to most tourist attractions or activities that interest you.
  • Schedule transportation pickups in advance of your trip and avoid Uber if possible. Unfortunately, Uber can be unreliable for wheelchair users and are not regulated the way taxis and public transporation are.
  • Always good to have cash on hand and not rely on credit cards. If your going overseas make sure to buy foreign currency before you go. It’s much more expensive trying to exchange US dollars overseas.