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If you love breakfast all day then you most likely have been to IHOP at least once in your life.  They are your typical run of the mill establishment, but they have great break fast items and the prices are quite affordable.  This location is quite excellent and not too crowded in the evenings, which is a great plus.  Also, the service is consistently good and I have never had a problem with any of their waiters.

My Experience

The waitress that served me was excellent and she did a great job checking on my table.  There was no complaints for me regarding her service.

The only issue I had was entering the set of double doors at the restaurant entrance.  Fortunately, it was not crowded and I was able to sit at a table/booth, which was very easy for my chair.  There was plenty of room and I did not feel too crammed.

Cinnamon Bun French Toast.
Cinnamon Bun French Toast.

I ended up ordering the cinnamon bun French toast, this was very delicious and came with cream cheese filing just like a Cinnabon.  An item I hope IHOP will keep on their menu for the near future.  Also, I ordered a side of bacon and red skinned potatoes that were very good.  Personally, the red skinned potatoes are better than their original hash browns and they are much more tastier.


The accessibility of the restaurant was relatively good and the only problems are the set of double doors in the front and bathrooms that are a little small for most chair users.  There is plenty of room and an adequate selection of tables that can accommodate most chairs.

If you love break fast places that are affordable and provide fast and great service then this particular IHOP will definitely not disappoint.

Accessibility Rating: A-
Food Rating: A-

Address: 16530 Southwest Fwy, Sugar Land, TX 77479
Phone: (281) 494-4334
Website: IHOP

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IHOP Review
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