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Theater Entrance
Theater Entrance

Do you like movie theaters that allow you watch movies and dine? Then Star Cinema is your place and you won’t be disappointed. In fact, the food is pretty good and their menu is more diverse than their competitors like Alamo Drafthouse and Studio Movie Grill.  Also, you can grab a drink at their bar before your show and even order food that can then be delivered to your theater.

Before and during your movie you are assigned a waiter that you can reach with the press of a button.  Be aware they will end service about 30 minutes before the movie ends.


Accessible Seating
Accessible Seating

I went to see the newly released movie Logan, a violent movie about the X-Men character Wolverine.  This was an excellent movie that was quite dark compared to other Marvel films, but well worth the admission.

My seats were on row C, which is in the center of the theater and probably the best row in the entire theater.  Seats situated next to the wheelchair slot are leather lounge seats, they are quite comfortable.


The food is consistently good and never disappoints.  They have the usual American fares like burgers to pizza that are always excellent choices.

I ordered the potato skins as an appetizer, which are always delicious.

Then for the entree I ordered the Nashville Chicken sandwich, this is basically a fried chicken sandwich that comes with hot chili sauce on a toasted and buttered sourdough.  It was pretty good and very messy to eat, but well worth it.

Lastly, I ordered Popcorn as an after meal snack.  This is kind of a ritual for me and I can’t see a movie without having popcorn.  The popcorn here is a little salty compared to other theaters, but I find their popcorn better than their competitors.


They offer a few tables that are wheelchair accessible on row C and the tables are just high enough to wheel yourself to the table, so you can eat without eating over your lap. Bathrooms aren’t very accessible and majority of chair users will have a difficult time maneuvering. Also, the front entrance has two heavy doors that will be quite difficult for most people and you will most likely need to request some assistance.


Accessibility Rating: B+
Theater Rating: A+

Address: 4811 Hwy 6, Missouri City, TX 77459
Phone: (832) 539-2675
Website: Star Cinema Grill

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Star Cinema Grill Review
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