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Inside Seating.

Jupiter Pizza & Waffle is owned by the same owners as Guru Burger and quite a unique fusion of Belgian waffles and pizza.  They are known for the Southern Belle, crispy fried chicken served over a Belgian waffle.  If pizza or waffles aren’t what you’re into, they also have great salads and skillet meals.

My Experience

My visit was at 11 am and surprisingly there were quite a few people, but I had no problem finding a table.  The restaurant is a little small, so you may have difficulty finding a table during peak hours.  Also, you can eat outside their covered patio, I noticed there were quite a few tables that could accommodate a wheelchair.

The lunch service was extremely good and attentive, which is always a plus.   I ended up ordering the fan favorite Southern Belle, fried chicken and fresh strawberries on top of a waffle.  It exceeded my expectations and was quite delicious.  This also came with the tasty home fries, which are fried potatoes.

Southern Belle
Southern Belle.


The overall accessibility is quite good but like most of the restaurants in the town square, parking is a huge problem and there is always a shortage of handicap spaces.  The restaurant inside is quite small and can be hard to maneuver during peak dinner hours, especially on weekends.

Bathrooms are standard fare due to limited space and most wheelchair users will have some difficulty managing the restroom.

Overall, Jupiter Pizza & Waffle offers amazing food and top notched service.  Despite, some issues with parking this is a place that can’t be missed and is totally worth the headaches associated with the town square.

Accessibility Rating: B+
Food Rating: A+

Address: 6135 City Walk, Sugar Land, TX 77479
Phone: (281) 313-1008
Website: Jupiter

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Jupiter Pizza & Waffle Review
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