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On days we are exhausted or purely traveling, having something to clean ourselves is very important. That is why having premoistened bathing wipes is a godsend. Of all brands, No Rinse is simply the best option that I have come across and is high quality as well.


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This wasn’t my first time trying bathing wipes, but this brand was the one that I found to provide the best value and quality. Consequently, the most important feature for these wipes is thickness. Wipes that are too thin end up drying up too easily. In addition, eight wipes come in one resealable package and the wipes can keep moisture for quite a while.

With regards to the smell, it was pleasant and not overly strong with fragrance much like a wet wipe.

Now to the ingredients involving the bathing wipes. As shown on the packaging, the latex-free wipes aren’t made with alcohol and but rather glycerin and aloe vera. The issue with alcohol, in general, it will dry out your skin and is very problematic with those with sensitive skin. Fortunately, glycerin offers antibacterial properties and is found in most bars of soap. Lastly, aloe vera is great for maintaining moisture and repairing skin.

Another point to stress is the No Rinse wipes can clean most parts of the body and its recommended to use one wipe per region. I usually don’t follow that rule for arms and necks. For the genital area and buttocks, one wipe for each region is recommended for sanitary reasons. Also, the wipes are microwaveable for 10-15 seconds. The wipes can be quite cold even when stored at room temperature. On a hot summer day, cold wipes are a godsend for cooling off.

Overall No Rinse bathing wipes is a great value and provides an excellent cleansing product that comes close to a real shower. On traveling days or days I’m too tired to take a shower this is a miracle worker.

Product Score: A+

Price: Currently $18.12 for a 5 pack on Amazon

  • Contains no alcohol
  • Latex-free
  • Includes aloe vera and glycerin
  • Eight wipes in one resealable package
  • Maintains moisture for a reasonable time
  • Microwaveable for 10-15 seconds
  • Wipes can be quite cold when stored at room temperature

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No Rinse Bathing Wipes Review
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