Grimaldi’s Pizza is hands down the best pizza in the entire US and is authentic New York style pizza. In fact, they are a chain that started in New York and expanded to a few locations in Texas.  I  have never been disappointed in their pizza and I absolutely love the fact that their pizza is always cooked in a coal brick oven.

My Experience 

Pepperoni and Garlic.

I ordered a small pizza with pepperoni and garlic. Beware their small is quite big about 12 inches.  Shockingly, I ate the entire pizza by myself and was uncomfortably stuffed. They also have an excellent white pizza, which typically comes with garlic and is an excellent choice for vegans.  Personally, I recommend ordering sun-dried tomatoes and sweet red peppers as toppings to compliment whatever pizza you choose. Be aware the pizza is quite pricey, but their quality is so much much better than national chains, like Dominoes.


The overall accessibility of the restaurant is quite good and the only issue I could find is that parking is very hard to find during peak hours and weekends due to being just outside the First Colony Mall.  Inside the restaurant, they have plenty of tables that can accommodate a chair and is enough room between tables. The restrooms are also accessible and have plenty of room for a chair.

Inside Seating.

Overall, Grimaldi’s provides an amazing experience that provides adequate access for those with disabilities, while having excellent food that is always fresh. This is definitely one of Sugar Land’s best restaurants and is by far the area’s best pizza place

Accessibility: A+
Food Rating: A+

Address: 16535 Southwest Fwy #2500, Sugar Land, TX 77479
Phone: (281) 265-2280

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Grimaldi’s Pizza (First Colony)

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