The only South African restaurant in all of Houston, Peli Peli is quite exemplary with amazing food and service.  What makes this restaurant special is the blending of Dutch, Indian, and Portuguese cuisine.  Every dish is stressed to be prepared South African style with amazing spices and seasonings that is so unique.

The Experience

I came on a Saturday afternoon and it was quite empty since it was Saint Patrick’s Day.  Tables were quite plentiful and were easy access for wheelchairs.  Prices are quite expensive, but I found food quality to be outstanding.

To start, my group ordered bobotie, boerewors sausage, and South African flatbread as appetizers.  All were all quite excellent choices, but the bobotie was the best pick of the three.  Bobotie is pretty much like a pot pie but much better with curried ground beef and mango chutney sauce.

Bobotie and Boerewors Sausage
Bobotie and Boerewors Sausage

After the appetizers, I ordered the Peli Peli Curried Chicken, which is curried chicken mixed in with toasted coconut, South African rice, and mango chutney.  This dish was outstanding and had the perfect amount of spices to give it top marks.  Be aware this dish is prepared with cilantro.

Curried Chicken with mango chutney
Curried Chicken

Don’t forget to save room for dessert and order the sticky toffee pudding because their version is to die for.  Also, the chocolate mousse cake is quite excellent as well.



The overall accessibility is exceptional with plenty of tables that can accommodate most chairs and the bathrooms are fairly accessible as well.  The only concern will be parking at LaCenterra due to a limited number of accessible spots.

Overall, Peli Peli offers exceptional Southern African cuisine rich in spices and is highly accessible.  The cuisine may seem fairly exotic for most people, but the uniqueness of Peli Peli is what makes this restaurant so special.

Accessibility Rating: A
Food Rating: A+


Address: 23501 Cinco Ranch R140, Katy, TX 77494
Phone: (281) 257-9500
Website: https://www.pelipeli.com/Index.aspx

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Peli Peli at LaCenterra Review
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