Loch Bar Lobster Roll
Lobster Roll on a Toasted Bun.

In the heart of the affluent Rivers Oaks District. Loch Bar, an upscale seafood restaurant was first established in Baltimore, Maryland. Thus their stable is the exceptional Maryland Crab Cakes, albeit at a steep price.


Before I talk about my experience, I would like to inform readers that Loch Bar is expensive. If you wish to eat here cheaply, you will be out of luck, unfortunately. Everything is at a premium due to seafood being shipped from Maryland and also being located in River Oaks.

My visit came on a Saturday afternoon shortly after brunch. The restaurant was starting to clear out when I was waiting to be seated. I was seated near the bar area with a table that was half chair/half booth. This particular table was great for most chairs and I notice they had quite a few tables like this. Beware this restaurant is a very hip go-to place with affluent clientele and is fairly crowded during brunch and dinner hours.


I started with the cool runnings cocktail, this concoction involves two types of rums and pineapple juice and topped with a cinnamon stick and pineapple. Unfortunately, I wasn’t blown away with this drink and didn’t seem very refreshing on a hot day. It wasn’t awful, but it was a tad dry for my taste and lacks much flavor.
Cool Runnings Cocktail
Cool Runnings with Two Rums and Pineapple Juice.

With regards to my actual entree, I went with the lobster roll since I have been craving lobster lately. The lobster roll had quality lobster pieces, but the roll was a tad dry and wasn’t buttered the way you find at authentic places like Mainely. In a way, I was quite disappointed that the sandwich was underwhelming for the price tag. This wasn’t terrible, but I would recommend going with the crab cake instead. Nevertheless, the french fries and the buttermilk hush puppies that I ordered on the side were fabulous and were flavorful. Hush puppies had a slightly spicy kick that was a great complement for your taste palette.


Loch Bar overall accessibility was satisfactory for the most part with some nitpicks that can impact customer experience. The first issue was that the path outside the restaurant was partially blocked by vases that require you to squeeze through the walkway. Then the other issue was the bathroom was fairly small for most wheelchairs. Outside of these issues, the accessibility inside the restaurant wasn’t too problematic.

  • Easy access inside the restaurant
  • No steps present
  • Accessible parking nearby
  • The bathroom was small for most wheelchairs
  • Waiter service
  • Walkway outside is a little small due to vases and plants in the way

In conclusion, the Loch Bar with an upscale atmosphere offers decent food, though at a hefty price. With decent accessibility, the restaurant shouldn’t be written off entirely, but for the price, the food should be more than above average.

Accessibility: B
Food/Service: B+

Price: $$$
Address: 4444 Westheimer Rd Suite G110, Houston, TX 77027
Phone: (832) 430-6601

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Loch Bar Review
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