Americas Royal Oaks

This upscale Latin and South American restaurant offer a unique experience with a splendid atmosphere that is great for a special occasion. The food is phenomenal with amazing Brazilian churrasco steaks and the addictive plantains chips are a nice palate starters as well.


My visit was on a Saturday afternoon around 4 or so and it was quite empty. This is probably the best time to come before the dinner and social crowds pack the restaurant. With the restaurant being sparse I had a nice selection of tables that could accommodate my chair. Also, the table I chose had easy access to the main pathway and wasn’t in the path of other tables, fortunately. As I mentioned in earlier, the atmosphere is quite amazing with eclectic paintings and furniture that makes this restaurant excellent for social events or special occasions. I’m not a person usually interested in aesthetics, but at Americas, it’s hard not to notice the restaurant has a nice and appealing look.


With regard to the food, America’s has a nice reputation for providing exemplary Latin food that is highly ranked with food critics and customers alike. From personal experience before, items to note are the churrasco steaks, plantain crusted chicken (pollo encamisado), empanadas, and carnitas and shrimp.

On this particular occasion, I started with the empanadas that came with beef and chicken and lobster corndogs as starters. The empanadas were a special treat with amazing South American spices stuffed inside the crust along with a nice and slightly spicy sauce on the side. Whatever you don’ t forget to order them in four to try the other versions offered. With regards to the lobster corndogs they were quite good considering I’m not a big fan of corndogs. They came like a county-fair corndog but stuffed with lobster and came with a sweet aioli sauce. If corndogs are you’re thing, you will definitely enjoy them.

Chicken Empanada Appetizer.
Chicken Empanada with a Mild Peruvian Sauce.

Now for the entree, I ordered the petite 6 oz churrasco steak, a Brazilian sautéed steak tenderloin that is perfectly salted. In many cases, Brazilian styled meats tend to be highly salty in most cases. The churrasco steak was top notched with steak prepared just right and came with a killer bearnaise sauce on the side. Definitely, one of their finest offerings.

Steak with Bearnaise Sauce
Petite Churrasco with Bearnaise Sauce and Andes Potatoes and Grilled Vegetables.

Lastly, I was able to save room for desert and ordered the Delirio De Chocolate or chocolate truffle cake. This was an incredible desert, a chocolate lovers dream with hazelnut chocolate mousse, chocolate meringue, and chocolate ganache. This is certainly one of their most excellent deserts.

Chocolate Truffle Cake
Chocolate Truffle Cake.


Dining Area.
Inside Dining.

The overall accessibility of Americas is superb with exceptional accommodations for chair users. There are no major issues that would gravely impact the restaurant experience. Only concern would be crowds during peak dining hours or weekend evenings.

  • Easy access to and from the restaurant
  • Easy access in the restaurant
  • Accessible bathroom
  • Accessible parking available in parking garage
  • Elevator on premises
  • No steps

With exceptional accessibility and incredible food, Americas is truly one of Houston’s finest South American restaurants. This is definitely your go-to restaurant for social events or a special occasion.

Accessibility: A
Food: A+

Address: 2040 W Gray St, Houston, TX 77019
Phone: (832) 200-1492

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