French Bread

This chic French bistro in uptown Houston is a hidden gem that offers exceptional food as well as superb service. With excellent accessibility, rise °2 will be your go-to place for souffle and French delicacies on any occasion.


My visit came on a cold Saturday afternoon with the restaurant being half full. It is not a very big restaurant, but there were enough tables and space to accommodate my wheelchair. However, I noticed near the entrance was a small store that may slightly impact entry inside the restaurant. Not much of a problem, but something to be aware of during high peak hours.

The restaurant has a special niche focused on souffles, with many great entrees or dessert options to try. Before I got to the souffle, I first ordered the french onion soup before my meal. This was fantastic and a great choice for a cold, winter day.

French Onion Soup.

Now for my entree, I ordered the herb and spicy sausage souffle. This was much like a French version of a pot pie, but with better ingredients and incredible seasonings. The sausage wasn’t too spicy, but had a slight kick to it. Also, the souffle was made very hot, a great thing for any cold day. This was one of their more exceptional entree choices along with the Jambon Sandwich (ham and butter on a baguette). I would definitely order this again on my next visit.


The restaurant is a little small but very manageable for most wheelchairs. I did not notice any issues with the tables or many obstacles that impeded access in the restaurant. The only concern that I could find was the bathrooms may be difficult for most chair users, unfortunately. Outside of that issue, the restaurant was remarkably accessible. Listed below are some of the accessible features.

  • Easy access in the restaurant.
  • Great accessible parking near restaurant.
  • Elevator near restaurant.
  • No steps.

Overall, Rise N°2 with superb food and reasonable accessibility is truly a nice treat for any occasion. You will certainly not be disappointed and will definitely return for more exceptional food.

Address: 1700 Post Oak Blvd. #290, Houston, TX 77056
Phone: (713) 850-7473

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Rise N°2 Review
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