Katy (LaCenterra at Cino Ranch)

If you love cheese boards and drinking wine then this is your place.  The setup is you choose your cheeses or meats based on the season and much of the selections are from local sources.  In addition, they offer sandwiches and salads that are excellent as well.

My Experience

When I visited the Cheese Bar on a Sunday afternoon, it was not crowded and I had no problem finding a parking space near the restaurant.  The restaurant atmosphere was very nice and was not too noisy.

Now, for the food, I started with a 4 cheese and 3 meat board as an appetizer, this was definitely good for 3-4 people. The cheeses were a mix of French cheeses like brie and gruyere and the meats were a unique blend of salami and European capicolas.  They also came with bread, olives, mustards, and fruits.  Personally, in my opinion, this board was quite good and tasty, especially the meats.

After the cheese board, I ordered the Turkey, Brie, and Apple sandwich for my entree.  This wasn’t too bad, but I found the sandwich a little dry for my taste.  Quite surprising, the sandwich had peach jam and sauteed onions, and green apples. but the turkey was oven roasted which might explain the dryness.  Nevertheless, they offer other sandwiches like Reuben and Spicy ham and cheese, which seemed good if you’re not much of a turkey person.

Turkey, Brie, and Apple.


The actual accessibility of the restaurant was quite excellent and had plenty of seating despite how small the building was.  On Friday and Saturday evenings this place will be packed due to being located at LaCenterrra and parking spots will be hard to come across, unfortunately.

Inside Seating.

The tables inside the restaurant are adequately spread apart, which will accommodate most chair users.

Bathrooms have an accessible sign, bathrooms are a little small, but manageable.

Overall, the Cheese Bar provides excellent food while maintaining reasonable accessibility.  The cheese boards are a must have and well worth the trek to the Katy.

Accessibility: A-
Food: A

Address: 23501 Cinco Ranch Blvd., Suite #D130, Katy, TX 77494
Phone: 281-394-7500
Website: https://www.thecheesebar.net/

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The Cheese Bar
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