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Inside Entrance.

Red Robin is a national chain that has remained consistently good over the years and the food is still quite good.  The thing they are most famous for is their bottomless fries and delicious burgers.  Their menu is quite huge and they have a great drink menu as well.

My Experience

My visit was on a Sunday around 4 pm and I ate in the bar area, there are about two tables that can accommodate a chair.  Fortunately, there are more tables, but I prefer the bar area because it’s less noisy and not as crowded.

The service wasn’t too bad and I had no problems with my food. I started with the onions rings as an appetizer and they were really good. It comes with ranch dressing and their campfire sauce, a blend of mayo and a sweet barbecue sauce with a hint of chipotle.

Onion Rings.
Onion Rings.

For my meal, I ordered the limited time Bee’s Knees Finest Chicken and wasn’t that blown away. The chicken was tempura fried marinated in Angry Orchard Honey on a Belgian waffle and comes with a jalapeno relish.  It wasn’t horrible, to say the least, but I would probably never order it again.  On the plus side, it came with bottomless fries since it was one of their burgers.  Nevertheless, my experience was not too disappointing and I will definitely be back.



The overall accessibility of the restaurant is reasonably accessible and there are plenty of spaces to accommodate a wheelchair. The only issue that I can think of is they have two heavy doors that can be a problem for most people.

Bathrooms are quite good for most manual wheelchairs, but the sink may be a little high for some people.

Parking is pretty good and there are several accessible spots in front of the restaurant.

Overall Red Robin has great food and the actual accessibility of the restaurant will satisfy most people. Definitely a place worth trying.

Accessibility: B+
Food Rating: B+

Address: 10465 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX 77042
Phone: (713) 783-0900
Website: Red Robin

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Red Robin Review
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