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Ragin Cajun Entrance


If you lived in Houston for awhile you will notice we have an abundance of cajun restaurants. That may be a good thing for some, but I have tried a few and none of them blown me away. However, Ragin Cajun is probably the areas best cajun restaurant because their shrimp po-boys are quite good and the grilled selections are excellent as well. Also, they have really good crawfish, which is quite popular.

Shrimp Po-boy
Shrimp Po-boy

The accessibility is quite mediocre for the most part; there are only a few tables that can fit a wheelchair and the path to the tables would be quite difficult to maneuver for those in powered chairs. It was a little difficult for even me and I’m in a collapsible chair. Also, the bathrooms are a little small.

Overall, the food was great, but their biggest downfall was it’s less than optimal accessibility and its difficult maneuverability.  Nevertheless, if you dying to try Ragin Cajun I would visit their original Houston location instead, where there is more tables and more space.

Accessible Rating: C

Food Rating: B+


Address: 16100 Kensington Dr #400, Sugar Land, TX 77478
Phone: (281) 277-0704
Website: http://ragin-cajun.com/restaurant/



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Ragin Cajun
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