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If you love authentic Greek cuisine, then this family-run restaurant will be a special treat.  They have amazing food and on weekends they have belly-dancing entertainment in the evenings that require a reservation.


When I dined here it was a Saturday afternoon and the restaurant was fairly empty and had plenty of room.  This was probably the best time to visit since the weekend evenings are always crowded with parties and belly dancing entertainment.  The restaurant is family run and the food is authentic Greek cuisine that is quite difficult to find in this area.

With regard to the food, I started with tzatziki sauce as an appetizer.  This came with olive oil, cucumbers, red peppers, and pita bread.  Personally, this was the best tzatziki sauce I have ever had and was very tasty.

Tzatziki Sauce

Then for my entree, I ordered the chicken souvlaki and this was an exceptional choice.  This was very much like a skewer of shishkabobs, but with flavorful Greek spices.

Chicken Souvlaki

The meat was so tasty and was perfectly cooked so the meat was not too dry.  Also, the dish came with lemon and oregano potatoes and Spanish rice.  Their portions are quite big and you will definitely not go home unstuffed.  Definitely, an item I will get again in my next visit.


Dining area

The overall accessibility was quite good with some minor flaws that weren’t too problematic.  Flaws that I noticed was that the entrance had two sets of doors that you must open and the bathrooms were a tad small for a wheelchair.  Outside of these issues, the restaurant had plenty of tables to accommodate a chair and a few accessible parking spots next to the entrance.  The only advice I  would stress is to dine before peak dining hours if you want a more pleasant experience.  If you’re interested in the belly dancing or evening dining, then I recommend making a reservation for a table in the front of the restaurant.

Overall, Alexander the Great provides excellent food with good service and is remarkably accessible.  You will not get a more authentic Greek restaurant in all of Houston.  I was quite impressed and have to say this is Houston’s best Greek restaurant.

Accessibility Rating: A-
Food Rating: A+


Address: 3055 Sage Rd #170, Houston, TX 77056
Phone: (713) 622-2778
Website: http://alexanderthegreat.cc/

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Alexander the Great Restaurant Review
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