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Trademark Salon
Trademark Salon.

Trademark Salon is one of Houston’s best salons and has great stylists for both men and women.  I particularly love this place because everyone is so friendly and everyone is so talented.  This place is quite expensive but well worth the price and I was quite satisfied with my haircut and highlights.

My Experience

This was my first time at this salon, but not with my stylist Jesse Cougot who I used at a different salon a few years back. He is a great guy and an amazing stylist that has never disappointed me.

Service from the front desk to Jesse was exemplary and everyone made it a pleasant experience.  I definitely felt my experience was well worth the near hour drive.

My particular cut and highlight were superbly done and I went with a brownish red that turned out beautifully.  I could have gone with an adventurous red, but my hair turned out pink last time I tried it.  I thank you, Jesse, for not making my hair pink.


The accessibility for this salon was superb and was a better experience than salons in the Montrose area, where parking is a nightmare and the buildings are less than desirable for chair users.  The inside is very easy to maneuver and there is plenty of room to accommodate a wheelchair.

Bathrooms were wheelchair accessible and even better they were single occupancy.

The only issue I noticed was that the area where they wash your hair couldn’t accommodate a chair but the chairs were low enough for people to transfer from their wheelchair.

Overall, Trademark Salon is such an amazing place that made my experience so much pleasant.  I love how accommodating this place is for wheelchair users and trust me this is well worth the trip.

Accessibility Rating: A+
Salon Rating: A+

Address: 10300 Louetta Rd #106, Houston, TX 77070
Phone: (832) 717-3422
Website: Trademark Salon

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Trademark Salon Review
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