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Chocolate Brownie Pie
Chocolate Brownie Pie

The Middle Spoon is an interesting concept that focuses predominantly on dessert rather than lunch or dinner.  In fact, it is a desert bar that has amazing desserts and cocktails that can’t be missed.  Trust me you will not be disappointed and the service is quite excellent.

My Experience

I came on a Saturday evening and the town square was crowded as usual and finding a parking spot was nearly impossible.  Fortunately, I was able to get a spot just outside the restaurant.

The restaurant was surprisingly not crowded and I was able to find a table that fit my chair.  There were plenty of tables inside and weren’t too close together, which was a plus.

The menu did not have any meal items, but they did have a few snack items like cheese dip and flavored popcorn.  Personally, I would recommend ordering their desserts instead.  There is always Ruggles Green next door if you want a proper meal.

I ordered the fresh lemon biscuits, which came with strawberry jam and sprinkled with powdered sugar.  They were quite delicious and not too dry like the usual scone.  Definitely an item I would order again.


Lemon Biscuits.
Lemon Biscuits.

Lastly, I ordered the amazing chocolate brownie pie and was quite impressed.  The brownie was very moist and rich with chocolate custard and topped with hot fudge.  Very delicious and personally my favorite item that beats out even their sundaes, which are wonderful as well.



The biggest accessibility issue is the town square and not the establishment’s fault.  Parking is quite problematic with few accessible spots and accessible spots in the parking garage can be quite a hike from most major restaurants.  Shocking there are only two spaces that are near the restaurant and they are always taken, mostly people without placards.

If you’re able to get a spot then you are quite golden with The Middle Spoon.  Accessibility is quite good and there is plenty of tables to choose from and the restaurant is easy to maneuver for most chair users.  Also, they have accessible bathrooms that had plenty of room for a wheelchair.

Overall, The Middle Spoon is a wonderful place to relax and indulge in amazing desserts.  The area around it is problematic for most chair users, but the food is well worth the aggravation and you won’t be disappointed.

Accessibility Rating: A
Food Rating: A

Address: 15911 City Walk, Sugar Land, TX USA 77479
Phone: (281) 491-0053
Website: The Middle Spoon

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The Middle Spoon
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