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Inside Tables.
Inside Tables.

Black Walnut Cafe is a short walk from the First Colony mall entrance and across the street from Barnes and Noble. The food is a little pricy, but the food is tremendous for an order-at-the-counter type restaurant.  Their menu includes favorites from black bean burgers to fish tacos and great salads.  Also, they have Mexican Coca-Cola, which includes pure cane sugar and surprisingly very popular in my area.

Mexican Coca-Cola
Mexican Coca-Cola


I ended up ordering the lobster tacos, which weren’t too bad.  The tacos are nothing like a lobster roll you can find at Maine-ly, but still worthwhile to try.  Included in the lobster tacos is pico de gallo, cilantro, peppers, and spicy sauce wrapped in a corn tortilla.  It also came with a caesar salad that was so-so, but I would probably order fries next time.

Lobster Tacos.
Lobster Tacos.

The service was a little slow for the restaurant setup, but employees were always courteous and I experienced no complaints.


Order Pickup
Order Pickup

The overall accessibility for this establishment is reasonably good.  Only issues that I found was that the door into the restaurant was  a little heavy for most people and they don’t have accessible restrooms. Also, you have to pick up your food and will need assistance if you come alone.

Tables inside were plentiful and the space between each table was adequate for most chair users.


Overall, Black Walnut Cafe is a great place to eat with a nice selection of menu items and even has a decent selection of alcoholic drinks.  Those in chairs should have no problems dining here and will face few obstacles, but not too earth shattering.

Accessibility Rating: B+
Food Rating: A+

Address: First Colony Mall, 16535 Southwest Fwy, Sugar Land, TX 77479
Phone: (281) 565-7800
Website: Black Walnut Cafe

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Black Walnut Cafe Review
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